keskiviikko 24. maaliskuuta 2010

Custom made leuku based chopping knife

I managed to get one idea, thht i have been drawing quite long time,get materialized with help from lapland blacksmith T.Kotavuopio ,who runs his business in Karesuvanto.He made it Just as i darw it,and left the handle intentionally bit too "fat" so i can finish it to the final shape while i fit the handles to it.Its made from separately hardened/annealed springsteel.Total length is 38.5 cm,and the blade is 35.5cm long.Thickness varies from 4 to 6 mmm,from the root of the edge,in a way that the heaviest & thickest part is the place that first hits the object while chopping and then the blade again gets more narrow as it goes towards tip.The root of edge has profile for whittling and carving,and then it changes to convex styled,more bold and rounded,for effective and durable chopping tool,and the tip once again has good sharp edge for opening game and maybe skinning etc.Spine has some dull bevels to use it for cracking game bones and such and the rest of the spine has sharp cormers for use with fire steels.

I also wanted to have this 8mm diameter pressed thing,in front of the handle,to use it while i make fire with fire bow.You can use the pressed "hole"as upper bearing of the firebows drill.Ive seen few knives with this funtion and always wanted to try it out and on this project it came to my mind and there it finally is.

Handles i made from dyed curly birch block,and i fastened them with some epoxy glue and thos ethree 8mm copper pipe "rivets" that also allows me to put a good sized lanyard on the handle.I will put the lanyard on the middle one,as it then allows a good safe grip if i want to use all chopping power by keeping the knife in my hand with only two or three fingers.ive sen this sort of technics used by sami folk and i want to try that out too.When i get my hands on some nice piece of board and leather,ill be making a sheath for this one.

Short,crude video about trying this for the first time ever.
Another link to see the same video.

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