perjantai 19. maaliskuuta 2010

Didnt sleep last night.Made a sheath instead.

I didnt feel sleepy at all last night so i spent it watching few horror movies and started to play with leftover leather pieces i got from my friend.After three movies,at 8:30 at morning i noticed that i should make cup of coffee and take few photos,asfter i got all the dye off my hands,cleaned the living room table so my girlfriend would not notice that i had used it as work table.So heres the result of one sleepless,leather themed night:).

Its made from 2.2 and 3.0 millimeter leather,stitched rough with thick wax thread used for sails.Few buttons,d-rind and one rivet and one rifle rivet,thats about the materials in it.I have drooled over Hedgehog leatherworks sheaths for few years but i cant afford things like those,but i just love the idea of sheath that carries small kit within,not just the most essential firesteel.So i managed to add small pouch in the backside,with brass rifle sling rivet,for  fällkniven´s DC3 sharpening really dont need the closure,a sits pretty tght anyway,but its better to be safe than drop it on the ground in trails i think.On the side,theres really tight loop for basic firesteel,in this case its misch metal firesteel with handmade,dyed curly birch handle and some piece of raw cut leather string,for better grip.

On the front side,theres bit bigger pocket with snap closure,for some small items like compass,SAK,wiresaw,what ever thats quite flat.Even old,slim multitools like PST fits planning to use it for Swiss folding knife that has saw in it,and maybe for some wire and thin cordage.

I added a flap closure for the knife too,as i like those visually and its once again,harder to loos ethe knife from sheath this way,although the sheath itself is quite tight.

Last thing i did was quite big dangler,hanging the sheath quite low so the knife is at reach of my fingertips easily,for easy draw and free movement of the sheath,this way i wont sit on it so easy as with high riding and fixed belt loop.

One guy whos into history study,told me that sheaths in this style were use by mountain men in USA in past.I didnt know that at all.

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