torstai 30. syyskuuta 2010

Waxing Varusteleka 's British surplus DPM hooded Smock


Right now i am unloading my packs,and storage boxes etc,but at some point i  found a whole piece of Fjällrävens "greenland" wax and my looks went into my favourite,and about my only outdoors jacket.....Since i loce old tin cloth garments and waxed cloths,i just had to try to do a bit more with it.

I chopped the greenland wax into pieces,mixed it to 50 grams of drugstre food grade,purifiet white vaseline,along with "mp52" food grade parafine oil,and smal piece of old beeswax candle,it was something like 20mm times 20mm in size.
I dropped all the ingredients in a small stainless steel cup,and turned the stove on.The mixture was all melted into clear liquid in some ten minutes. I poured the liquid all over my  British,issued, Dpm Smock,with hood. It came from Varusteleka,the best surplus store theres ever been,in this country. Ive already fallen in lovwe with this jacket and modified it a bit,by adding a plastic covered electric wire into the hood,so you can bend it into form and it stays like that. And a few small mods here and there. Anyways,after i had the liquid splashed into the jacket,i immediately scrubbed it pretty hard,all over the jacket,excluding  armpits,so it could breath just abit better...and i am about to add some hole-rivets there too to make it breath better yet. After that i i heated the jacket well with hair dryer,and it obviously melted and the cloth kind of sucked the liquid / wax in well. Now it seems to be bit heavier,kind of moist as i wished it to be,and it really doesnt suck the sprayed water in,atleast now. Im hoping that will would solve my need for special rain-jackets for this fall. The greenland wax itself is excellent stuff for making the cloth water resistant,and i recommend it highly for any outdoor peoples kit. My test was just due to my own interests and i wanted to try how i can make the wax stay a bit better,or should i say longer. I know this stuff wont wash away so easily as greenland wax alone,and in some cases its bad,in my case its what i want.

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