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Basic hunting weekend pack.


as i mentioned ive started to cut down the amount of unnecessary stuff,to get back to the roots,in a way,to enjoy from the little things with less gear freak-action.

Here it goes.

For starters im showing you my simple (in my opinion) every-day-carry-in-the-woods-while-hunting-and-camping pack.

Its some 10 years old Vi-He manufactured,handmade (hah..well all the vi-he stuff is) daypack.Kind of a schoolpack,but just a hint bigger,offering maybe 25-28 liters plus the small front pocket. It has a simple sturdy carry system without anything special,if you dont count in the upper backs two criss-cross tightening straps that allow you to squeese the load snugly againts your back.It has simple belt too,that has its buckle more on the side. Two way zippers,and waterproof materials,and thats about it. Its not an old school cotton pack,unfortunately,although id like to get one but they are way too high-riding in my back and look like kid 's pack if i wear those.

 Well thats all the fuzz about the pack,like i said,nothing special,no re-enacting,no swat team gear either.

In the pack i carry few stuff sacks containing:

Sack one has british cooking thingy,crusader mess tin,that acts as a frying pan and a pot,large enough for one mans needs,definetely.I never understand men carrying around large pots and pans if theyre alone. Also included is a cheap taiwanese folding knife with can opener and removable small fork and spoon.Last things in this bag are Finnish army 0.6 liter canteen bottle and a (Swedish?) Fold-a-Cup.
Oh and in the mini-grip pouch theres few tea and coffee sachets,water purifying tabs,bullion cube,etc,small stuff,just in case i need a cup of hot brew some day.

Sack two contains my rifle stuff,ammo,cleaning kit,small binoculars,oil and the bipod plus an old sock to prevent the stuff from making noise and to act as a wipe.

Sack three contains a waterproof matchcase that has matches,some tinder,medium sized needle,some thread,two hooks,split weight and some few meters of .25mm fishing line.Theres also a compass,Victorinox Tradesman folding knife with belt sheath,diamond sharpener,small towel and liquid soap,large firesteel with reindeer antler handle,a small led flashlight,and a tiny first aid kit that has migraine pills,plasters,wipes,bandaid,snakebite pills,etc,small necessities.

About the only things left are small S.A Wetterlings hatchet and Vi-He mini laavu,and thats about it,the only things ill be adding to this pack is some spare socks,mittens,food,water,woolcap / hat and occasionally Savotta space blanket rolled together with a thin,large blanket,this is if i am about to do a one-night stand out there,but mainly this is what i carry for dayhikes.

This pack will serve me more than fine,it has all the stuff for good day outside,and in emergency i can spend a night in the bush too with the gear included.And it all fits there just fine,leaving room for more.It covers the basic needs for shelter,fire,water collecting and purification,navigating.In no way this is spartan kit,i can collect one any day but this stuff above doenst weight alot,i can just grab it and go,without fear of lacking any vital stuff,as long as i remember to stuff in something to eat :).

The only things missing are my hunting licence,licence to carry my rifle,length of paracord and a small notebook and a pencil.

Its not cheapest there is neither,but its not certainly any hi-tech brand worshipping kit either,juts some gear that ive grown to like,trust and carry.

Next pack will be my Karrimor Sabre 35,that ive carried quite a good time with a similar but bit more stuff in it,to cover All my needs out there,and more.

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Hendrik Morkel kirjoitti...

We visited Vihe a couple of weeks ago, checked out all his shelters and the basement with all the other gear,ponchos, packs, etc. So nice to see this kind of cottage manufacturer around the corner! At school we only use Vihe shelters, the Loue and ET, my mate bought the Mini Laavu and likes it, might need to try it out.

Nice article, nice gear! I sadly missed the opportunity to do my hunting license at school, maybe next time.

Perkunas kirjoitti...

Yep,i do agree strongly.An old man making some good stuff all by his hands,thats something nice in this corporate dominated world. He told me last time when i dropped at his place,that you were there with your school buddies.

Did your friend buy the laavu with or without zipper closure flap ?