tiistai 26. lokakuuta 2010

Boredom turned to cooking.

Today i thought i had a good chance to get my butt to this small shooting range,and i waited for the call for two hours with my rifle cleaned and gear packed but it went and blew and i lost my chance.

So i had more time to do other things to kill boredom,and i had this almost kilo weighting piece of moose beef in cold and i took it out,sliced it and cut it in small dice-sized cubes.  Then i made a marinade out of half can of Karhu beer, few corks of cheap whiskey,half desiliter of food oil,ground coarse pepper,chili powder,salt,drip of honey and ground dried mushrooms. I hope it turns out as good as it tastes already in the bowl,all mixed together. So tomorrow im making some better food out of it,by chopping unboiled potato slices,into cast iron pot,and thrown in also few sliced carrots,few dried cranberries,crowberries,can of some tasty cider and then cover the rest that remains with water,throw it in for several hours in oven with lid on pot and just wait, wait till i get my jobs done and till i can just eat it all in good company.

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Bob Mc kirjoitti...

I got to eat moose meat just once; a roast. A fellow I know went on a guided hunt in the Yukon. I wouldn't mind having a freezer full of it.