keskiviikko 27. lokakuuta 2010

Kupilka, you say ?

Today the kind postman ringed my doorbell as he couldnt yank the rather big envelope thru the mailbox opening in my door. There was a few propaganda leaflets,one very interesting booklet about making food over campfire and most of all,two pieces of spanking new Kupilka cups,one bigger reacting to modelname 21 and his smaller tiny brother,model 5. The modelnames also tells us the capacity of these cups in centiliters. So i think that the small cup will be tested out with a whiskey shot as it takes the regular 4cl portion just like that,and the bigger takes 2 deciliters without spilling the hot brew over the sides.

I think that i will use these modern day kuksa alternatives during next weekends hike,snap a few pictures and then tell you more about how i feel about these gadgets. So far ive only had one cup of coffee from "21" and my first plus-mark came from the nice grip it offers,due to its nicely designed handle,and another one just for the nice looks of it,as its more wooden-like than i expected it to be.

Meanwhile,you can check Kupilka products from their homepage:

And my fellow in lightweight class,famous Mr.Morkel,who runs his blog,made his rewiev about Kupilka products already,go and read his opinions,please:

Thanks for the cups goes out for Michael N,at Kupilka company.

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