perjantai 29. lokakuuta 2010


Im pretty happy for my buddy whos already graduated as a wilderness guide,and my personal friend too. He went and got this small piece of land for hire,and he doesnt have to apy in money at all,instead he only has to keep the area in order by cleaning the bushes and branches and similar task like that. Hes going to build a small birdwatch tower and kota there,among other essentials like a loo,and a woodshelter and a firepit with pothanger.

How great is that.Theres no neighbours or roads nearby either.What else can you ask for ?

I myself...i might get a small kick of luck too,as my friend offered this small cabin at shore of a lake that has also a river running thru it,for similar deal. Its located very far away from my home,in real lapland. The cabin would be small having bunks for six persons,and a woodstove,few stools,bench and a log-table and a porch,plus separate sauna made from logs,big enough for some 4 persons to bath.You cant drive to its yard,in fron of the door no,and thats one thing i like about.When you drive to the cabin,in front of the door,you usually also haul way too much gear there with you.With this cabin,its not gonna happen. Theres supposed to be great woods to hunt,paths to hike,and especially,that lake and that river from it,to be paddled with my canoes.

I hope this thing turns out as a deal in a week.

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Arsenios kirjoitti...

Sounds great! I hope it works out for you.

Jared kirjoitti...

I hope this works out for you as well! Sounds like a fantastic place.