lauantai 30. lokakuuta 2010

Campfire coffee test ahead.

Ive contacted a several coffee shops and asked if theyre willing to participate in my idea,of running a small test,about instant coffees and coffee done in pots and pans over fire,as its done here in Finland on about every outdoor occasion / event.

So far,i have to thank legendary Finnish brand OPA,that fabricates,distributes and sells, famous coffee pots,along with other traditional outdoor cooking supplies,that have a wellknown reputation among outdoors people here,from hunters to hikers,just about everyone around here,knows their coffee pots and frying pans.

Update 1-11-2010:

Hey,im glad to see that even a huge company,Gustav Paulig Ltd. is willing to help me out to get several different coffee's by offering me few of their own roasts.

Thanks a Lot ! 

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Arsenios kirjoitti...

Great idea! And you get all of that free coffee. I think I read somewhere that Finns drink more coffee than any other country. There's nothing like it on a cold morning out in the wilderness (although I am also quite the tea fanatic).