tiistai 2. marraskuuta 2010

Lazy day's checklist.

Today turned out to be lazy with nothing to do since my plans about  going to repair that old cabin im prepping for winter,vanished cause my girlfreind had to take our car for a day to take care of few horses...

So ive been just playing around..

-few axe & knife sheath leathers are now cut
-My single shot TOZ 22. rifles stock has losed its cracked old painting and is waiting for new see-thru od green colour.
-All blades are cleaned,sharpened and oiled
-Winter clothes dragged from attic
-Found one old Fjällräven Gyro pack with aluminium tube frame,from fleamarket,now i have two of these actually :)

And except for those i've been only drinking coffee and reading book ,"Ihmismetsästäjiä ja erämiehiä",printed first at 1933,from K.M Wallenius,a great outdoors person ,soldier and officer,and a writer who had some adventures with Mosku too.

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Arsenios kirjoitti...

You put the lazy day to good use!