torstai 14. lokakuuta 2010

Check it out. The knife i hope to replace all others.

This is the knife T.Kotavuopio has been making to me for some time,when has had time,according to my ideas and drawings,tips,comparisons to other knives that i like,needs and suggestions. This is in its own way,part of me getting rid of gear hoarding and knife fever. I ve been carrying two fixed blades for quite along time now,changed them occasionally,from Brisas Enzo 07 steel trapper,with 95mm blade,to Fallknivens F1,and i havent ever got into clear decision of which of these two is better,and i  like to carry always just one knife and this should be it.

Its not ready yet,the sheath is still in progress,but the knife itself is starting to look ready indeed. I just received this picture and im astonished by the looks of it as i havent seen,a single picture before this one as i asked him to keep it kind of a surprise,the final form and all.

Its made out of K460 carbon steel.

-12.3 cm handle length.
-14 cm blade length.
-5 mm spine thickness.
-unidendified hard-as-arock wood handle scales,oiled and waxed.
-Brass pins from Brisa.
-Tube for lanyard made from .270 Win. cartridge.

This is all i know right now,and as x-mas comes,it should be totally ready with its complex ( as said by maker himself ) sheath.

                                Hamon included ;)


If you are interested to get one of Kotavuopios custom knives,i can help you to get one.Blacksmith himself has very limited english skills but i have helped few foreign fellows to get theirs allready,by acting just as an translator between customer and maker.His knives are priced from around 200 euros to 250 euros,usually not higher,a slong as you dont want a quarter inch 20" machete or similar.

For example here's one combo made by order,and shipped overseas.Its based on my own chopper knife but has also a sidekick puukko with it,as well as a sturdy sheath with firesteel holder.

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Jared kirjoitti...

I am a fellow bushcrafter from Burlington Vermont, USA.
I love your blog and your philosophies regarding survival, the outdoors and nature are very similar to my own.
Are you on FaceBook? If so, please feel free to add me as a friend.
Thanks alot and take care,
Jared Place

Arsenios kirjoitti...

Congrats on the new knife. I look forward to hearing your feedback after you've used it for awhile.