maanantai 18. lokakuuta 2010

And now IT has a sheath it seems.

What do you think of this,its the sheath for my new knife i wrote about just afew days ago.

It has all the things i asked for:

-heavy duty leather with brass enforcing

-firesteel holder on the backside

-accessory pouch on the front,for a few essentials,or somethin.Its sized so that most of the 5" multitools will fit too,but i was thinking of sharpening stone.

-Dangler carry

-the knife rides deep in the sheath.

-All details based on longlasting and durability,over fine looks and detailed decorations,although T.Kotavuopio added those few spruce decorations,just as i wished for,as theyre one of his personal marks,most of the knives he makes,bears the same marks.

Im pretty astonished,i say.

1 kommentti:

Jared kirjoitti...

Very well done and good looking too.

Congratulations on the knife and the sheath.

May it serve you well my friend.