perjantai 22. lokakuuta 2010

Firesteel tip

I dont know how fascinating tip this is but anyway.

Firesteels tend to be noisy,and whats the worst,they get bad from moist,sweat and from the air,as time gos by. Immediately when youve scraped off the new firesteel and the protective paint / such,is worn off,the underlying steel alloy starts to oxide.
This can be stopped by keeping yur steel dry and by putting something to the scraped surface,may it be fast drying paint that chips when dry,or some tape,some again use nail polish. My solution this time was a piece of this plastic tube that shrinks from heat,used in electrical joints.This is now made to Light My Fire's new,improved firesteel "2.0" which also has a far better scraper,better handles and also,a small safety whistle built in another handle. I added the heat shrinking tube to totally new,un used firesteel as it will be held in my car for long perioids and used just in case of real need,so it has to be protected well.

All you need is something to heat up the tube and some cutting device,even pair of sharp teeth will do the trick,no need for expensive knives at all :). Cut the tube in desired lenght plus add a bit,as the tube will shrink also in length. Slip it over the steel. Then just push the tube towards the firesteels handle as you heat it,so the steel wont shrink from that end and it will cover the whole firesteel. Let the tube then cool down and cut the excess material off,and thats it.

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Jared kirjoitti...

That's exactly what I do with my Fire Steels! Great minds think alike.