perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

Nice day out in a fresh cool air & sunshine.

Today morning i went to shovel away a pile of snow that had hidden an ATV. It was already starting to shine and the temperature started to heat up from -30c. I had to hook up a start booster as the batteries were almost frozen and if not,still they were on low output level. Then i stuck a heater used in car floors,aginst the engine block. After an hour it started to run like it was being held in tropic´s :).

Then my friend picked me up and we loaded the ATV in the trailer and headed to our destination in certain beachside. Unloaded the ATV and picked up Swedish army tent with its gear like stove and such. then back to the ATV´s location and i drove to this island across the frosen lake,there was even a small camera crew in the trailer with my friend and they were filming our tasks. More my buddies things, i like o stay low :).

So we put up the swedish army tent,it was the first time for me,but what the heck,the tent looked to be cleverly designed, when compared to our army´s smaller "ranger" group tent. No external snares,no wires,no ropes to stumble against and fall and bash the tent. Even the stove was looking better but the actual perfrmance i will see tomorrow.

So as the tent was erected we put up a quick fire, and fried veggie and normal sausages,rolledem in tortilla breads with cheese and it was good after working in cold, the only thing missing was a pot of coffee made on fire and maybe even a beer,atleast i could have one easily:).

It was nice to work in the bush, drive around with ATV, especially due to the nice sunny weather it was all day long, i didnt feel cold a second although it was some -30 to -22 all the time.

Thanks for the day, Esko.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Looks like a good time in the sunshine. :) Glad you were able to get out and enjoy.

Last week it was -37*C in Saimaa...


Esko Mäkinen kirjoitti...

Jou, thanks, Mikko! I really appreciate your job in this happening! And please send my thanks also to atv's owner! Great vehicle and big help!

I'll write to my blog about this happening soon as I have time to do that.

Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

A perfect day! Thanks for sharing!

Love the term "normal sausages" a lot;-)... as I tennd to say that, too, meatloaf that I am;-).

Where did you get that tent? Any chance it´s available down here, too?