lauantai 12. helmikuuta 2011

Pack project

Heres just a quick snapshot of one thing i ´ve been fighting with. Its supposed to end up as a tiny backpack,mainly to carry an axe but it will take in a canteen, small amount of food and maybe a tarp too.
We´ll see how it goes.

It has pieces of broken horse saddles,bags and similar recycled stuff and i am not measuring or drawing any patterns, so it will be naturally crude and raw looking.

3 kommenttia:

Exploriment kirjoitti...

Show some more pictures.

Or as you would say in Finland,

Shhöw säm möör pikkturs.


Perkunas kirjoitti...

well you have a talent in finnish rallye & formula driver pronouncing :).

i dont have more pics but i will take a few as it continues tomorrow.

Its odd to see foreign people typing that...since its so well written...are you from Finland maybe,after all.

Its rilli wiörd juu nöy.

Exploriment kirjoitti...

As long as there are some umlauts, some O's and A's, some double I's and double E's, a few double H's, some double K's, a J or two, and that right there is the building blocks of Finnish.

There are lots of Finns living up here in Canada, and I like them a lot. I always razz several of my Finnish friends by saying nonsense words like "Jukkahukkapukka". "Okay that's gotta mean something in Finnish right? What did I just say?"

And then they punch me.