torstai 15. syyskuuta 2011

Fjällräven Chap G1000 trousers & Greenland wax.

As the fall is here,a nd its pouring water daily and i think ill be gettin wet all the time over the coming weekends hunting trip i got my self a new block off Fjällrävens Greenland wax that i just love. Easy to add by rubbing on followed by gentle melting it in the cloth with heat from hairdryer and such. I dont use any Gore-Tex jackets nor pants, as i dont have the fund to get any and i am afraid that ill break em immediately somehow, most likely id end up having a hole in the cloth made by campfire spark. That would not be cost effective and i rather sit by the fire than away from it. BUT, if you run a business selling & manufacturing Gore-Tex clothing, you have em in Big sizes and in natural colours that blend in forest, i be happy to try out em, if they would make me see GT in different angle. I sure would not turn away a pair of some cool Optifade gear ;).

Well in any case, i am now rubbing in a heavy layer of this wax, and i am pretty sure i wont be disappointed, after using this wax for years. I dont expect any 100% water proof at all, as i rather have a breathing and wet clothing than non-breathing  totally waterproof clothing that will get wet inside anyway due to my heavy sweatting:).

I am pretty happy tell that the Fjällräven trousers that i got  some time ago, are working like clock. I was bit suspicious for some reason but i havent disapponted at all. The size and form are just in the spot, i havent breaked any zippers nor lost any buttons. The only small fails are the breakage of seam under front zipper, the 5 cm long one. But i got it sorted out, with stronger seam. The other was my own fault,kind of. The other backpocket,has a zippered pocket covered by flap with pressbutton. I got the zipper puller somehow stuck between boards while sitting,and when i got up from bench, the puller snapped off. It was only bent and opened,nothing had breaked,and i just put the puller cord back, pressed the zippers opened loop close with multitool and its been working well after that. G-1000 fabric i have found earlier to be awesome stuff, its very rugged, but not that heavy  and its spark resistant as plain cotton,but it dries a bit faster than pure cotton.

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Fimbulmyrk kirjoitti...

Hi again! I also encountered this problem with the seam in the crotch of my Fjällräven Greenland trousers and fell back to simple US-Army surplus (genuine ones!) made from BDU, or Moleskine German army trousers. They are also very durable, you can wax them, too, and are cheap as chips, and comfortable to me. Thanks for sharing, and good to hear from you!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

I tried using wax to waterproof stuff, but it requires SOOOO much wax that I gave up on it. I started using a commercial chemical product recently. I will, however, try wax again, maybe mixed with another substance or applied in a different way.