maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

Quick leuku...sort of,job. Trades ?

Heres a few snapshots of this knife i made recently.

Its forged and ground from an old Viiala file,un used. I have had this unfinished blade on my drawer for a long time and as i didnt have time to do anything from start to finish, i used this file blade now. Its not artsy fartsy high end blade at all, as you notice,just a crude but  working one. Heat treated properly to get rid of brittle properties of files high carbon steel.

It has  two different edges, one for whittling and one more convex like for chopping and splitting, as leukus are meant to be used. Th efinal edge has to be done, its not ready in the pictures, i have to do some work with my DMT sharpeners when i have the time,or leave it as it is,for some sharpening perv.  Its not and axe,though, and it has a normal sturdy stick tang,as they traditionally do.

On the spine side, theres sharp corners for firesteel use,and a short part with fake edge, for cracking bones of game bird or such,so you dont have to break em with actual edge itself as it might leave a mark in it.

The handle is made out of moose antler, thick leather spacers,some dyed and oiled lighty curly birch, then sanded and covered with hard parafin wax on top of the wood and leather parts.

The butt is like this. Riveted tang with simple brass spacer,and theres also a hidden reinforcing screw holding butt,leathers and the woods together,under that almost hidden :) stump of 30-06 rifle cartridge that is fixed to its place with epoxy.

It has a simple dyed and oiled leather sheath with wooden liner in it,too.

Thats about it, nothing special or anything,as you see. Its not pure leuku, but it looks bit like leukus, i think, atleast if you have bad eyes.

I might sell this with Paypal, or trade it into something like single blade folding knife,good matchcase,multitool,pack,rifle scope,survival gear,or something.

Oh by the way, the file teeths are visible but smoothed out dull,so you cant file your nails with this anymore.

3 kommenttia:

Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

It looks like a real work knife!

Abo kirjoitti...

How much do you want for it?

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Sweet knife! I would imagine that the thinner part of the handle toward the bottom and the flared pommel would allow the pinky and ring fingers to really clamp down on that handle while doing heavy chopping, like on kukris. I like the materials, too. Great desisn!