keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2011


Well, now i have packed up all my stuff in movingboxes, and ive left only a daypack that has all i need tfor next 2 nights here. Then well move to the new place and i already know that it will last for some time, before i have my own internet connection as no phone operator etc,offers any adsl service there, it seems to i have to try various wireless and slow connections, if there is one that would allow me to even slowly write in to blog and check out my emails. I am not quitting, thats for sure but moving to tiny woodstown comes with issues like this.

Anyways, keep those comments coming when ever you want, i like to read em when ever i can get my butt in front of web connected computer.

Tomorrow, if i have time, i will post something before taking the computer in my pack.

4 kommenttia:

Gorges Smythe kirjoitti...

Hope you get reconnected soon, I'll miss your posts.

The Suburban Bushwacker kirjoitti...

Good luck and let me know when you're settled

Akiri kirjoitti...

A bird flew out of Lapland
An eagle from the North East

One wing ruffled the water
And the other swept the sky

It's tail skimmed the sea
It flutters, it glides
It looks, it turns round

"Why, man are you in the sea
Fellow, among the billows?".......

Good luck for moving.......

Finnman kirjoitti...

Yep I know, moving is pain in ass, but there´s also good sides what I have realised:

- Every time I have moved the location have been always better than before

- You can get rid of old useless junk

- You propably find things and stuff that have been long lost or just forgotten under the junk piles on storage room etc.

Hopefully your move was success!

- Finnman