perjantai 24. elokuuta 2012

Little shelter update

Heres a few quick snapshots of my shelter progress. The cloth is -due to my lack of money- just made out of two tarpaulin pieces.  BUT, i did NOT settle just to throw the tarpaulin over the frame, no sir, the squa shaped cloth just wont ever fit so well to cone-shaped shelter. So i cut the pieces to proper shape to make it fit a Lot better than it would be in square shape.

The cloth isnt ready yet, ill be reinforcing and cleaning the ends of it and such, so ill take it once more off the frame, to finish it a bit, then ill make a door thingy in to it as well.

There will be dew-cloth, fire place, and all kinds of small details, to make.

Stop by, to see how it goes....loads of stuff to do, to get it all ready and comfy for the upcoming fall rain as well as for winter use.

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